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Art Print - Swans Above Whatcom

Art Print - Swans Above Whatcom

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Swans flying in a wedge looking for just the right corn field for their next stop. Up ahead is Canada with Bellingham to the left and Mount Baker to the right.

Art Print:
- 12x18" print on archival quality Moab Somerset Enhanced Velvet paper, an acid-free, 100% cotton paper with a slightly textured matte surface and a soft velvet-like feel
- Print includes a 1/2" white border.

Art Print with Natural Barnwood Frame: The Natural Barnwood frame is produced from re-purposed wood harvested from old barns, floor boards, marine wood, and fences. The wood is cleaned before use, but roughness, imperfections and discoloration are inherent to the material making each handcrafted Barnwood Frame truly one-of-a-kind.

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