Envision Climate Solutions.

Please make yourself at home in the future! While you're here, please envision and imagine a healthy climate for future generations! YOU are part of the solution!

While you're exploring be sure to watch your step when you get near the edge of town. Around this place it's wise not to hop the gates. Some of the old paths are crumbling and falling off the cliff now. It's very old, you know.




But if you do get a little too adventurous and fall off the trail, you might get a glimpse of this ancient cave while you're waiting to be rescued! These things happen now and then. It's ok! Just give a yell and the echo will alert the team for you.

Down below, while you're waiting, you can hear a sort of soft buzzing in the background. The kids call this the Old Fossil Sizzle. Mostly everyone stays away now, except the science teams who continue to coordinate cleanup, and the occasional curious tourist or photographer. Or a hiker who hops the fence. :-)

4th Grade Science Projects have yielded so many new and unexpected techniques for cleanup we're experiencing far faster progress than ever anticipated decades ago when cleanup began. This ripple effect of cooling in all directions is breaking all previous records.

We've stitched up that spot where the trail fell off the old cliff. This helps support and provide structure for future progress on the town nearby. We’ll go there now.

Bonus Breaking News! In the repair work, construction teams included three new giant bird’s nests of which one is already inhabited! Two eggs were seen by Pole ornithologists last week! Reports of growth and baby chick photos will be shared worldwide with celebrations to come as we see continued growth in many species in all latitudes.

Great Job, Team Earth!

You will probably start to see where you’re going once you are back up to the top of the falls.

Nearing town the you'll soon hear the hum of the waterfalls power the tracks, a gentle lull synchronized for harmonics to enhance the regeneration of flora and bring enjoyment to local fauna without disrupting frequencies. Studies show mating seasons are longer and birds prefer harmonics of the new transportation system, replaced in 2038!

It's a highly efficient system and folks are quite pleased with the speed of travel and destination options available. There's a concert at the amphitheater tonight, you can still make it if you hop on the next train!

Wind is always blowing on the lake. Historians ponder and debate still to this day why it took so long for such obvious technology to be embraced creating so much work for us now. Alas, the past is the past. We’ll leave that to the philosophers….

As you walk along the water you'll see the new dock is already in use! It was just completed! Perfect time for salmon season. The salmon have returned of course, it took us all decades of restoration work but that's in the past and won't ever happen again.

The bridge leads to the monorail station and the first generation monorails ALL got upgraded windows last summer.

Boats use wind solar sails, of course.

The Waterfront Social Club hosted a Birthday Party for the local Librarian last weekend. It got a little loud with the horns. But no one minded except possibly the fisherman who came down the mountain early that day to enjoy the new dock.

The Arboretum has a new area for the successful “Indigo Cactus Coolers”™. These plants filter and cool the air using their unique qualities taken from their genetic ancestor, the Aloe Vera plant. Turbo charged, Indigo Cactus Coolers chill the air 10 meters in all directions.

The future of indigo refrigerated-flora is here and they are thriving! Pick yours up at the arboretum’s plant sale any weekend this Spring.




Garden Towers Hydro Electric Village is known worldwide as a model for responsible energy gathering and usage. Easy HEV living includes garden grown food, community services, cultural activities and gatherings. Stop by on weekends for the farmers market and try the Village berry pies, a traditional grange recipe handed down over generations.


Did you know The Rock Garden Solarium Stage was built (by bicyclists) to replace the bicycle-powered Bike Rock Stage? It's somewhat new so you may not have heard about it. This unique venue grows from the rock as a crystalline structure, adding a row of acoustically perfect seating about every seven months. Take a look at the upcoming summer concert schedule!!

When Self-Propelling Corn-powered Co2 Filtration Units were introduced to the public they generally proved to be quite a mouthful. The scientists and civil and social engineers planning the project began referring to them as Corn Nests, given that they were powered by corn and yet had space for birds to make nests and raise future generations.

The Corn Nest name was also confusing, but people liked saying it and it took.

Corn Nests would fly over the original inhabitants of the Research Center and everyone would point and say “Look a Corn Nest!”

More coming soon....this is just the beginning....... Below: "Envision" art installation at the Black Oak Ranch in Mendocino, CA, June 2023, and the Whatcom Artist Studio Tours Gallery Show at the Whatcom Museum, September-October 2023.