Bamboo Greeting Cards & Art Print Posters

🌿 We offer two ways for you to order:
Order using email and pay online with our Quickbooks Invoice
Use our direct link to order at Faire Wholesale.

Greeting Card rack with nature art cards.
1. Email john@bellabluedesigns.com for our e-catalog, price sheet, order form, and wholesale terms. Place your order using our order form via email and pay online (or with a local check) using our Quickbooks invoice.

2. Order online at "Faire" using the link below. (Please use this direct link provided by Faire which offers us a commission free relationship with You! :-)




3. NEW! We now offer international wholesale orders to the UK, Ireland and Canada. Please place your order through Creoate.com using our referral link:

Email john@bellabluedesigns.com with questions.
🌿 We look forward to working with you! 🌿