About Bella Blue Earth

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Bella Blue Earth is nestled in the foothills of Mt. Baker deep in the mossy forest where wild rivers flow, salmon spawn, and bald eagles feast. Jocelyn Suzanne brings nature's inspiration into her illustrations with colorful birds, flowers, plants, rivers and patterns from what she sees around her. While Jocelyn creates art and designs, John handles the business and wholesale orders. Its a team effort and labor of love and we are grateful to be on this adventure together.

Our business is small - we truly appreciate you shopping with us and with our stockists. Please contact us with any questions!

~ Jocelyn Suzanne and John Hoey


About the Artist

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I’ve illustrated since I was a child. Most of my life I drew with ink pen and colored pencils. Now I use Adobe Illustrator’s “pencil” tool, with a Wacom Intuos Pro pen and tablet, a form of art called “vector” art. The tablet lays flat on my desk and I look my monitor as I draw. Vector art is infinitely resizable because it does not use pixels. Vector graphics are points, lines, curves and shapes based on mathematical formulas. I love to work with the crisp lines and smooth curves.

After years as a computer production artist my hands had become worn. Eventually I realized the thick, pressure sensitive Wacom pen offered me a chance to create again pain free. It took a few years of drawing each night to feel adept using this tool for my own art. But with practice, the technology that wore out my hands offered me a way to draw again.

Repeating patterns and unlikely combinations of colors in our natural surroundings fascinate and call to me. Like a puzzle, I’m consumed to find a way to draw the underlying fabric and pattern of nature that originally caught my eye. Once I begin a piece of art I often spend many months on it. Vector art allows infinite zoom, it’s sometimes hard to stop adding details.

Most of my art features scenery of Whatcom County. More recently my focus is a giant climate “envisioning” illustrated narrative, intended to inspire hope and imaginative innovation in future generations.

My husband and I moved to Washington after a wildfire. Most often my creative projects are driven by my passion for faster climate action and responsible stewardship of Earth.

I'm honored that my art has been used to help support N-SEA, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, helping support salmon recovery in Whatcom County, WA, where I currently serve on the board of directors.

My artwork can also be seen in many projects for Harbin Hot Springs, Northern California's cherished hot springs retreat center located in Lake County, CA where I continue to work full time as a graphic design contractor to support the rebuilding efforts after the devastating Valley Fire of 2015.

After we lost our home in the wildfire I attended the Climate Reality Leadership Training in Denver, CO in 2017. You too can participate in this program to help educate your community about climate change. Visit www.climaterealityproject.org/training and help make a difference.

Read details about me and my art journey here.

If you are looking for graphic design or custom illustration for your project, please visit BellaBlueDesigns.com.

Thank you for visiting!
~ Jocelyn