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Envision - Puzzle - 1st Edition Print of 20

Envision - Puzzle - 1st Edition Print of 20

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Hi friends and family! Here's the first edition of 20 "Envision. Imagine. Innovate." Jigsaw 1000 piece puzzle.

The puzzle turned out beautifully. I have 20 of which I think about 17 of you wanted one originally when I first posted about it few weeks ago. Once everyone who originally wanted one has a opportunity to order, I'll add what's left to the homepage. If you really want one but can't purchase it at this moment please just let me know so I will set it aside for you and take it out of the count for now. And order more in the future.

I am very happy with the quality. I haven't had a chance to put it together yet. :-) But as a jigsaw puzzle fan, I can say that these pieces are strong and seem very well cut. The boxes are solid. The pieces are wrapped in a protective bag just like if purchasing a quality puzzle at the store.

Shipping ranges from $8-10 via USPS from WA to CA or from WA to MA so I am charging a flat $7.50 which is what I already had set for $40 purchases. (I'm not set up to calculate weight / distance for each order, use tiers based on total.)

I hope you enjoy the artwork in the puzzle. I wrote up a little story that goes along with this future community where imagination and innovation leads to climate solutions and a healthy planet - hopeful and inspiring. I hope to put the words together this winter into a little book, game, or.... well I have all sorts of ideas.... If you can, please send photos of you enjoying the puzzle this winter!

20 First Edition - first requests (no obligation, let me know if you want to wait till after the holidays.)

1 Shannon -
2 Mike B  -
3 Kristine -
4 Chrisi & Jay -
5 Michiel -
6 Helen -
7 Lynne -
8 Mike P -
9 Crystal
10 Lia
11 Kim
12 Marilyn
14 Lori
14 Margie Mum (1 for Jane) -
15 Margie Mum (1 for Macs)  -
16 Kari -
17 Shena -
18 John R
19 Joci & Flot -
20 - keep for sample

Thank you!
With lots of love Envisioning a beautiful future for planet Earth,

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