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Envision - Puzzle - 2nd Edition Print Coming Soon

Envision - Puzzle - 2nd Edition Print Coming Soon

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Thank you friends and family! The first edition of 25 "Envision. Imagine. Innovate." Jigsaw 1000 piece puzzles has sold out.

I am so happy with the quality of these puzzles. As a jigsaw puzzle fan myself, I can say that these pieces are sturdy and very well cut. The artwork offers a mix of patterns and colors making it not too hard, but not too easy either. The boxes are solid. The pieces are wrapped in a protective bag on par with the high quality puzzles you would purchase from well known brands.

I hope you enjoy the artwork in the puzzle. It is very detailed and I wrote up a little story that goes along with this future community where imagination and innovation leads to climate solutions and a healthy planet - hopeful and inspiring. I will eventually off this artwork as a storybook, board game, and.... well I have all sorts of ideas.... If you would, please email me photos of you enjoying the puzzle this winter!

Thank you!

With lots of love Envisioning a beautiful future for planet Earth,

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